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Whether you are a serious hunter or simply want to see more wildlife on your property, you will be rewarded with our high-quality food plots and improvement plans.

Deer and Wildlife Food Plots

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Have you ever thought about planting food plots to enhance the wildlife on your property? There are so many seed types and products on the market today. But, which ones do you use? Also, which ones would satisfy your needs.

We can answer these questions and many others you may have about your unique property. Food plots work but they need to be tailored for your site -- large or small, rocky or sandy, sunny or shady -- these are all pieces that factor into growing the best plots for your property. Let us show you how it can be done.

The day when you're sitting in the stand wishing that you had a food plot, is too late! Get a head start for next season. Plan your plots right now. Give us a call today to get your plan started for the upcoming hunting season.

Steps to a Successful Food Plot

Step 1: Site Selection -- The first thing we do is select the site - taking into consideration the appropriate size and location of the food plot. Soil tests are taken to determine the pH levels of the soil.

Clearing, Mowing and Planting

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We have a full line of equipment necessary to clear and plant any size job.

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Food plots lure wildlife, improve hunting 

Step 2: Preparation -- We begin to prepare the seedbed by eliminating all weeds and waiting 10-14 days. After 10-14 days, we disc and apply lime, if needed. We recheck for weeds and lightly disc again.

Step 3: Planting -- The type of animal you're trying to attract, determines the type of seed we plant. Once determined, we plant the right balance of high quality seed and nutrients and run a cultipacker to obtain a proper seedbed.

Step 4: Enjoy! -- After your food plot begins to grow, enjoy and have great success in seeing more wildlife. 

Another "happy customer" eating forage oats and turnips.

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